Blogging in New Zealand!

A little over a year ago, my husband and I started talking about New Zealand. I couldn’t tell you how it started or what sparked the conversation, but all I know is that it kept coming up. We’d be watching YouTube and see someone traveling there - we’d happen to be following someone on Instagram or talking to someone at work who was from there - we’d walk outside into the freezing cold and notice it was sunny and 70s in Auckland - you get the idea, NZ just kept showing up.

It didn’t take much for us to throw out the idea of traveling there and soon enough “travel” evolved into moving, or at least for a short period of time. This is the season of life we’re in. Trevor and I are currently across the world from home, living in a van, and traveling through New Zealand. Everyday is different and every place seems to be just as, if not more amazing than the last.

As friends and family began requesting updates and photos, the idea of a travel blog popped up. I’ve gone back and forth with the thought since arriving, but wondered if it aligned with what I’m trying to accomplish here. Would pictures and stories of beautiful scenery help anyone? Would encouragement be found in what we were doing? I wasn’t so sure at first, but now I think it could.

Maybe it looks a little different than what I had planned for Well Lived, but until a year ago, living in a van across the world wasn’t exactly what I had planned either. Maybe that’s just life. Reality isn’t always beautiful places and stories to match, but sometimes it is. And maybe the idea of living well should translate into every season of life that you’re in - messy and beautiful alike. I’ve had my fair share of messy and even in the midst of this amazing opportunity, I still find myself having a lot to learn, but in a season of life that’s more beauty than muck, I think it’s only fair to share that as well.

This is the season of life we’re in and I don’t want to hide that here, so I’m going to share it instead. Well Lived may look different from season to season and I think that’s okay. In fact, I think that’s essential - that’s life. That’s the goal here: reality, honesty, and positivity - embracing the season you’re in, the life you have, and the growth, strength, and insight that you hold throughout it all.

Anyway, WiFi willing, you’ll start to notice a lot more New Zealand, a little more adventure, and all the same ideas and encouragement for wellness and life. I’m so excited to include you in this journey we’re on!

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